so sally can wait/she knows its too late as we're walking on by

Well, I picked up my macbook today. 

Brand new hard drive and nothing could be saved as it was a major malfunction.  
I am trying hard to forget about the last 6 months of photos and the last 8 weeks of my novel and all those book marks and software...OH MY. It really takes some resolve for me not to get depressed. I simply have to learn from this dammit. Back up back up back up. 
I am feeling less than creative this weekend though. I think I am allowing myself to stew a bit and not force myself to create. 
I am organizing tonight and unfurrowing my brow. 

Today was sweet as it was my BFF Michelle's daughter Mia's first birthday party. I met Michelle in the 5th grade. Unicorns, LYLAS, swatches, charm necklaces and the rest is history. Years. I loved her Baby's Prom theme! We all dressed up and had a blast. My favorite photo is not of Mia and her cake or all the lovely kids, but of Michelle filming her daughter eat her birthday cake while we all sang. It is that sweet moment I caught that makes a lump rise in my throat and tears threaten my eyes now. It is the moment of yr child's first birthday and of all milestones realized and recognized in an instant.