From the morning/past the evening/till the end of the light

Finn has been dying to ride the city bus. He has a lot of school bus riding experience with me as I took him on several school field trips in 2006-2007 before I "retired". When we became a one truck family I thought it was time to start the public transport primer. I actually love riding the bus. People will gag now.
I think my appreciation for the bus came with the 7 years I worked in the inner city. I took my students on numerous field trips on the bus and every summer during summer school and summer programming me and at least 15 kids rode the city bus nearly every day to the downtown library. I loved all of the colorful characters on the bus. I loved seeing my students confidence with the workings of the city. I loved that someones uncle or neighbor or someone they knew was always riding the bus with us. I loved the bus drivers. (Mean Lady and Mr. Cutie and all the stories they told us... ) Those bus routes became so effortless and simple and secure. Even in the deep parts of the city where people were constantly telling me to be safe... I loved the bus.
Our weekly play date is starting to get tricky with Joe spinning into his busy busy season and we are thinking we are going to ride the bus there on Tuesday nights. I think it will be just another adventure. It is earth day today. Hurrah! I think the public transportation lesson fell perfectly on the calendar.
Finn now thinks however that I should purchase shoes like the young ladies in the above photograph. He said that she had lovely lady shoes and that I should wear them. I looked down at my shoes and hairy legs and kinda agreed with him. I said perhaps some fancy shoes this weekend babe? When daddy and mommy go out? I am so looking forward to Friday. My parents are taking the boys for the whole weekend and Joe and I are having a date. I miss dates.
At least the weather is allowing for our makeshift dating to start: Put kids to bed/drink wine out under the carport/make out