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Twice a week I am going to throw down some reposts for nablopomo.
(originally posted on 5/1/08)

This was our wedding song. I was very resistant to having a song. I was resistant to a lot back then, but I did make Joe say that this would be just fine for us because it spoke volumes to me at the time. It made sense for our love and it also reverberated the authenticity of simple love and small town living that I knew so well. Our songs were really Brit punk rock and The Rolling Stones, but I think I have always been attracted to songs like this. Songs that others may call cheesey or trite I have sometimes cleaved to my heart. My parents have a Jukebox in the living room and on it are songs like "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by the Eagles and when I hear that song I see my parents dancing and I am sure they choose that song for the way it makes them feel. John Hiatt is cold beer and some of the best times in Athens, Ohio to me. I used to be invited up on stage and would sing Hiatt duets with a townie band at school and it was magnificent.
It's funny how 9 years later the song fits still as our song. It really is the cornerstone, the nominal starting place in the construction of our love. It still makes me scrunch my face when I hear it in bars or elevators or even from Joe Cocker. Life gets more and more complicated each day but I have faith. I actually have better than faith, because faith is belief not based on proof and everyday for over 10 years Joseph has proven himself to be my soul mate.