Oh It's Such A Perfect Day/I'm Glad I Spent It With You

It was kinda like when I met Bossy.
I was nervous but super excited because I knew I would love her.
SusieJ rocked my world today.
She is like my hometown local Bossy.
That gorgeous sweetheart you adore and wanna look like...
She is super mama. She has 4 young boys and still looks fresh.
She gives me many wonderful tips and tricks.
She makes me think about things.
She was the first blogger I connected with beyond the blog...

I found her when I started blogging last year and have been emailing and chatting , but have not met until today. (dude- 300th post coming up next week!)

Today was a wonderful day that started off here.
Holy Mother of God I love this place.
And then we went over to Susie's and played.
Like all day
Finn loved her boys as they share his affinity for the dress up box. He told me that he liked it there. I told him I liked it there too. I left my coat and a baby bottle in her kitchen. Oh well, I will have to go back :)

I also made this:
I am trying to get better with my meal planning.
I am trying to really hold myself to preparing the food I say I will.
Stick to the plan Stan.