Then you'll spread your wings/And you'll take to the sky

While reading about insects this morning (I am so over newest bug fascination) Finn and I decided to plan our summer camp. I feel way behind time because back in the working education world I would have already had my plans submitted and field trips approved and calenders made for the summer program I led for 7 years. My energy was always super high at this stage of the game as I looked forward to all of the cool themes and trips I had planned for my students. I left my job last July and with a 6 month old, moving into a new house, and the overwhelming SAHM experience new vibe, I was too freaked to plan much of a schedule. This year I going back to basics, to the place I thrive. I am planning a mini summer camp for the boys. A planned, but never strict schedule of themes, lessons, and field trips. I might not be able to do much else today bc I am so excited about Finnian's enthusiasm. We spent an HOUR planning our calendar and rubbing our hands together like mad scientists.

I am already in talks with some local pals who are going to join our "camp" summer schedule and perhaps meet up for field trips and I would love to invite you to join in virtually! I can get really into these types of theme units and would be happy to post lessons and activities and create packets if you all are interested. This used to be my work life and I think it is silly not to recreate it in my real life. I would love to share.

If you are interested in a summer camp packet
please email me at amytsharp(at) gmail (dot) com!