Home is where I want to be/Pick me up and turn me round

Our friend Patrick leaves in the early morning and Finnian is already sad. He asked me earlier if we could keep him, like he was a hamster or something. Our day was jam packed and busy with a whole bunch of normal activities (grocery, alfresco lunch, Target, walk) but they somehow felt novel and exciting with Patrick on board. We even walked two blocks with a blow up swimming pool above our heads home from the gas station air pump. The day was carved from elbowroom.
We ended up at the Pig Iron BBQ pit where we all ingested entirely too much pork and reveled at the old pick up truck turned into a bar. I am tired and my house is wretched, but it was a great day. Sometimes it is good for me to go off schedule and stop trying to force a day to be something that it might not want to be. I will miss Patrick too. Its funny how those friends from your true formative years are so important. I like that Patrick knew me wild and reckless way back then and how now he knows me as a mama. He knows me, that's the key. He's a good friend to us and I am going to slip little love notes in his backpack right now.

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