She said don't I know you/From the cinematographers party

It was just me and Blaise today. Finnian got to go to a swap meet with his grandparents.
They picked him up at 8am and were gone all day.
I have been without both boys before (ah bliss) for the day, but I realized I am not much with just one anymore. It is always me and these two guys most everywhere, most every day. Blaise noticed right away and cried and cried as the back door closed and Finn hopped in grandpa's truck. He is all over that brother of his. He is tethered to him.
I did get to snuggle extra today with the fat man and we took a tub bath together. There was just a quiet throughout the house that was odd. A string of endless chatter and words that end in probing punctuation were gone and the absence of the sound was melancholy.

And how bout this? Much odder and cooler than my day.
I said goodbye to Design Mom today and it was sad. Sniff. I loved it there.
My long distant chair goddess sent me these Hema plates in the mail. I almost died. I am planning my meals around them.