You have to believe we are magic/Nothin' can stand in our way

It is seriously bliss to go back and be able to suspend my disbelief with my kids. I love play. I love that I am propelled from my day full of business, bills, and a gyno appointment into the magical land of fairy chairs. I love that all the crud of the day, all the big person stress, can be peeled right off and thrown away for a couple hours as I pretend with Finn. Pretending is hard core in our world lately. The fairies are coming tonight and need a seat in the garden. We are going to catch one soon and bring him inside to live in Finnian's bedroom. We are going to be soft with the fairies and we might even dance in the grass with them. Mommy will wear a gold caftan and flowers in her hair. We are lucky because not every garden has fairies. Make a chair for yr fairies- If ya got some ;)

Gather the materials from the deep of the woods (AKA backyard)

Find four sturdy sticks to be the post and stick them in the ground to act as base

Use glue gun (OK- purists.. I am so sorry but I am kinda tired and don't feel like weaving grass:) to build up the chair form

Attach twigs, hay, bark, moss, etc to base and build up the chair to yr liking
Place it in yr garden and chant the magic words:
fairy chair
fairy chair
little fairy please sit on me
come into garden and you will see
the magic
that is here for you and me