And wake up where the clouds are far behind me

We made felt hanging mobiles today. I think we may string them together and frame Finn's doorway with the sweet circles. Like a cool kids version of the 70's bead curtain... We listened to The Essential Judy Garland and ate cold pancakes. We are making mothers day gifts that are so sub par this year that I cannot in good faith share any sort of photos or tutorials. It has been busy and time is running out. Grannies know we love them even if our paper crafts are crap right?
I am off to make a frappe-
I drink these all day long when it is warm out. When I lived on Mykonos I became a bit of a junkie for the Nescafe and for the strong Greek Coffee! I was so highly caffienated that I smiled the entire time I lived there. Shop owners and gyros boys would call from small open windows, "Here comes Ms. America." I loved it.
I also fell for creperies and have yet to recreate a crepe in real life like one in Mykonos town. It is kinda like when I go to eat at a Mexican restaurant and I nearly die in ecstasy at the white cheese that melts all over my food and makes me curl my toes in pleasure. I always ask the server (to Joe's horror) what kind of cheese it is and where I can purchase it. Every single time the server tells me with a shrug, "Mexican cheese". I can't make a crepe or find my elusive cheese, but I can frappe yr heart out. Check this video out and make one!