Well if I could walk on water/And if I could find some way to prove

The nightly plea for water is used much like a torture device for me. I was letting Finn get his own water from the bathroom faucet only to find the faucet running hours later... (It is really not his fault as even with a stool it is a bit high) So, I have been thinking for a while about leaving carafes around for us all at night. I wanted fancy pants French ones that I saw in a local shop, but thought about the cost of the fancy pants ones and decided to be thrifty and funky. Master Blaise is getting a tiny wee baby carafe that we use for pouring from this cool site and Sir Finnian is using my old Strawberry Shortcake drinking cup with a vintage baby formula glass bottle on top. (I found it at my grans!- who knew!)
Now I am looking for something for our bedroom because Joe informs me that I also torture him for water on a nightly basis. :)

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