Don't just stand there/ let's get to it

So instead of paying bills and sorting out my house (the state of Sir Finn's room?!!! ) I decided to play dress up today. I am slightly freaking out that in a month I will go to Blogher and will be surrounded by fabulous and frump free mamas! I used to love fashion and would dress up daily and revel in the threads, but now I mostly look like a train wreck.
I have that little spark inside of me still and I fan the flame every now and again, like this weekend I go for part deux of my big fat Kurdish wedding.

The Ohio wedding party is happening and I will rock it somehow, but for Blogher I have to plan at least five outfits and I might pass out from the stress. I am trying to not spend a lot of money on clothing right now bc it is no secret that I am not at my goal weight. Blah. It just sorta happened, I just sorta did not lose the weight from Blaise and poof all of the sudden it is 16 months later. I sorta suck.

I would love this dress if she made it in my size. Swoon.
So, I will try and pull something together. I did buy a little cheap frock from Target. Yet somehow I do not look as cute as little miss shim and sons in it. Oh well.
I also found the little gold shift that I bought in LA last year and will sort out the destruction I caused by throwing it in the dryer and rock it perhaps? I found some other things in the deep recesses of my closet and will try. I need advice people. What can I do on a budget to look fabulous? Where can I buy a few things to freshen me up? I think I am due for a bunch of blond in my hair and a brow wax too! Please don't tell me that my bubbly personality and charisma will make me gorgeous. I already know that :)
I need concrete beauty tips and tricks to reverse the damage done in the past year of staying home with my children! :)

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