On the side of a hill in the deep forest green

I think there are definitely a breed of folks who are suited to festival living. I was falling right in the middle of the continuum yesterday as I felt old and tired some parts of the day, but would then be energized and refreshed randomly by a lovely person (or funnel cake) a few moments later. I am happy that the response has been positive and folks seem to like our stuff! Yay! I also had the treat of meeting her and her and her and also getting to see her again (God I love her and never get to see her!) It is really cool to meet some local bloggers that I read and I enjoyed putting the face to the blog. They were lovely! Finn and Blaise has a blast with all the people and sights and sounds. They danced all day! (The porta potties were a bit much for Finn though!)
I type quickly this morning as I have to pack a cooler, chug java, pop Tylenol, and motor. I got festival soul to develop.

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