God knows when/But yr doing it again

It is no secret that Finnian loves Bob Dylan.

He loves watching Dylan on youtube.

This morning (too early) he wanted to make a video. I said sure. The thing is with music that it makes a really cool bridge to chat about all sort of things with yr child. I don't think Finn is ready to chat about counterculture and all the references this greatest song in the world holds, but I sure tell him all about Bob Dylan and what a cool cat he is. When I taught kids about history I always used music as a large part of the lesson planning.

Finn's video is surely a four-year-old kiddo representation of the classic. It sure is hard to watch and not edited, but it sure makes me smile. Perhaps he won't love Bob when he is older, but he might retrieve some of these memories and hold them dear. He may be like me and have the music of The Eagles, my parents tunes, resonate through his adult brain and fill his mind with safe fleeting shakes. He may feel all the way down his spine when he hears Dylan in a bar someday that once, a long time ago, everything was easy and just right. He might.

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