My whole life was like a picture of a sunny day

We love to make paper crafts here and Finn is collecting a little scissor collection. He loves to cut! When we go to the craft store he heads right to the cutter isle as he calls it.
(HELP-should I be buying left handed scissors for him? He is a lefty - am certain)

We made recycled lanterns this year (check it out) and it was fun, but Finn had trouble helping me then, but now he is like Edward Scissorhandhole.

Daddy sometimes has leftover blueprints and plans from work and we like to recycle them into art. Today we made giant lanterns to hang outside tomorrow night for our 4Th of July festivities. (It is our first real firework and such night- Joe the Brit and young kids ya know?) It was Joe's idea though, to let em stay up late and watch the fireworks! I am so excited!

You can make lanterns with any size paper and the simplest way to make them is to fold over the paper and cut on the fold. Make a bunch of slits but do not go all the way across the paper- leave an edge at the top. Unfold the paper and staple the short edges together. Cut a strip of paper for yr handle and VIOLA! It is good fine motor practice for the little guys and I can't believe how gorgeous they look hanging from the trees. If I were a real fancy pants I would string fairy lights through them too!

It rained on a few of them today, but the rest are safely tucked inside for Friday night. They look amazing against the green lush trees. I cannot wait to see what 20-30 of them look like in the backyard with some luminaries and sparklers. They are really simple, but make a major statement!

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