Show 'em how we do it

Making butter is so simple and fun!
Finn, Blaise, and pal Jack spent some time making butter this weekend and it was a huge success!
I had no idea that you could pour heavy whipping cream in a container with a lid and shake it for 20 minutes and butter would form!!!!
(And I am from Appalachia! )
I was delighted!
Seriously- need a break?
(Make butter-They have to shake for about 20 minutes to form the butter ball!)
It was awesome!
Check out a video clip of the shake shake here!
I just sat back and lounged a bit on the couch while they went crazy with shaking!
After the butter ball forms (and it is like so cool to see that!) simply drain off the liquid (buttermilk) and run cold water over the ball in the jar until the water runs clear and then pop in the fridge for a wonderful treat!
We had butter and crackers and juice and the whole table was pleased!