You were bigger and brighter and whiter than snow

We are planning our little staycation at grandma and papa's house this weekend. We are going to stay about four days down in the deep woods as daddy works on a big project. We think we might sleep out under the stars and visit our old town and go creekin'. We have friends to visit and great grannies to hang out with and old haunts to frequent. We are going to learn to bake a cobbler and shop in thrift stores untouched by hipsters. I will probably drive a tractor at some point. I cannot wait.

Finn and I are going to explore the scary old summer kitchen on my parents land. It is a dirt floor small structure that has all sorts of junk in it, but we are convinced there might be some treasure too. I think I was always afraid of the summer kitchen as a girl. I think bees lived in it and it was dark. I am not afraid anymore.

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