I've been a miner for a heart of gold

It was a GOLD RUSH today.
We have been reading about the wild west and talking about the gold rush so we decided to have our own panning for gold experience in the backyard. I took small pieces of foam covered in gold glitter and hid them beneath sand in my trusty large wash tub. We used some old camping tins and water and panned for gold!
It was fun and kept their attention for quite a long time
I read some stories on the gold rush and California to them while they played and later we counted all the gold and since Finn had twenty pieces he could buy something out of the "general store".
There was even one shiny piece of gold left for me.
Guess what?
It was just enough to buy a cold Stella Artois from the "store" for mom.

For older kids- here is a good timeline to print out!

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