When you're standing on the edge of nowhere/There's only one way up

We did the whole big fair thing today with my mom. The fair is a vital part of my past. I grew up in a town so rural that we were actually released from school for such things as Fair Day and Hunting Day. Seriously.

Anyhoo, I love the dirt of the midway and the colors of the fun. We had a blast and although as beat down haggard as I am now it was so very worth it. The most inspiring part of my day came from a very unlikely spot. We watched a magic show under a pavilion to catch a bit of relief from the heat.

The magician (who was very good) told us a bit of a story at the end of how people said he would never make a living following his passion. He spoke of how people said he was foolish to pull cards from thin air and expect a real life. He gave everyone in the audience a tremendous amount of hope in the flourish of his tricks and the obvious authentic joy he had from performing. He spoke to us and told us to follow our passion because it can work. His family at the bottom of the stage who had a table full of his magic tricks and toys for purchase beamed up at him. It probably isn't simple to a magician. It is most likely tough, but it is just like being a painter or a writer or a dancer. It is reaching down so far until that rabbit becomes real. Until you can grab him...

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