Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

What is rolling round my mind today:

Right off the bat I am so delighted that one of my favorite women is back to the blog. Mackink is back and I am delirious. I love her and imagine her my fancy cousin. We will sip something in Paris someday together. I just know it.

And then it is well known that I am a creative nonfiction junkie and I was so delighted to hear that Alice Bradley is included in this new book. This is a big deal. Huge. And although I don't know Alice very well I am even more in love with her than ever. Holy cow to be included in a Lee Gutkind book! It is one step closer to NPR baby. (my dream in life/ Amy Turn Sharp/ NPR essay contributor)

And then there is sweet Jos. I mean take a look at her gorgeous house over on Design Sponge. She has been in Cookie before with her stylish pad, and I just drool. Before I met her I thought she was perfect. And then I met her and she affirmed my suspicion. She has two little girls under four and a clean and stylish house...if I didn't love her I would have to hate her. She is my pick for design maven of the year.

And lordy there is Avesta's beans and rice. I grew up eating this as a side dish over at her home and all these years I thought there was some sort of clandestine Kurdish spice that her mother had smuggled into the country that made that simple dish taste so heavenly. Nope- she gave me the recipe and we feasted last night. I think the memory of the dish does not stand alone and that is the reason I held it so high. I think it blends with all of the amazing Kurdish food form her home and well anyway, I can make it now! and so can you . Here.

I have also come to the conclusion that Whipup.net works super hard and gives us great tutorials and round ups. My pals ask me how I am so creative and I always tell em- Kathreen!
Hat's off to you Kathreen! I need to tell you how much I love ya!

I can't not talk about how much I love Legs Bell. I mean Gwen Bell. I have been learning form this gorgeous young woman a lot about the internets :) and social media and passion lately. She doesn't know it bc I suck at telling folks enough at how inspiring they are- but she is. She is.

And then there is the whole big sad thing that hangs over everything nice. I keep reading about Stephanie from nieniedialogues and how her and her husband were involved in a terrible plane crash. They have four small children and are suffering in critical condition at Maricopa Burn Center. I feel the same way as Kate when I think about being burned on over 80% of yr body. I cannot put this in my mind, spin it, and make it ever seem right. I cannot. Design Mom is doing a terrific thing. Please participate. This blog world is powerful when it all works together.

On Thursday I will have a cool something up for auction too! Come back and check it out? Check it out and say a prayer today for them:

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