Nie Nie Auction: love is all you need

Today is the day of the Nie Nie Auction. PLEASE check out all of the details here.

Each penny will go directly to the Stephanie Nielson Fund.
Leave the bids for which item you want and the email contact info in the comment section the auction will end on Sunday Night 8/31 at 10pm and each winner will be contacted and winner will pay through the SN paypal FUND. When winner sends me paid receipt I will ship items. Thanks and PLEASE BID WITH YR HEART...

My auction is as follows:

1. Three beautiful handmade maple teethers from my shop Little Alouette. These are gorgeous and would make awesome gifts to the wee one's in yr life. (retail over 50.00)

2. A girl's vintage Knitwear outfit. The tag is missing, but it is perfect condition. I am thinking it is a size 18months or 2? The waistband measures approx 8 inches and the bottom of the sweater measures approx 12 inches across. Here are the photos on flickr. Email me if you have questions. (vintage is worth it)

3. A love letter penned by me! I am serious. You all tell me that you like my writing or I have a way with words- Show me the money?! I remember who has told me nice things about my writings!!! :) I will write a love letter or poem to a person of yr choice. You will give me some details and I will go off and write my heart out. What is love worth to you? Huh? (priceless)

Not everyone can afford to give. But could you send a card?

For those of you Sending Cards, here's the address:
c/o stephanie and Christian Nielson
Mari Copa County Hospital
2601 East Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Please if you can afford to shop ( I know some of you can!!!!) PLEASE do! Here and all over the Internet today. I am sitting here amazed at the power of the blogosphere and women. If we could just harness this love...we could power the world.