Id like to be a gallery/Put you all inside my show

It must have been around 1994. Me and my gals from college decided to road trip it to The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. (I am the blond in the upper corner with Drew Barrymore circa 1994 eyebrows and I recall that day so well. I wore my black sunglasses that had light blue lenses and I thought my self bewitching.) We drove from Athens, Ohio to the museum and it was one of those marked moments in my art history education. Much like the moment I walked into the Louvre or stood under the Sistine Chapel two years prior, I began to understand a bit beyond the Campbell soup can.

I stood in the pillow room for a long time. I can remember thinking with a small quiet inside mind voice that this was so kick ass. I think it might have been the real moment I knew art was the way to go in a life. I had no clue what my art was yet, but I knew that I never wanted to do anything but art.

In the basement of the museum was a old school B&W photo booth. We all crammed in that booth and snapped a stream of photographs. We were young and overflowing with vision and ideas for manifestos and world domination. We were actually quite cultural considering most of our friends were probably back home hitting the bong and watching Dazed and Confused.

I want to take some photographs in that booth again. I found out recently that my dreams are coming true. Columbus, Ohio beat out all the big boys and are getting Other Voices, Other Rooms? -a massive Warhol exhibit that is only making one North American stop. Here. The Wexner is pretty amazing though. I can see that it stands out. But Holy Hell...we get this ground breaking multi media exhibit? Yes, we do. It opens on September 13th and you can be sure that Finn and Blaise will be standing in the pillow room. You can be sure that I will cram us in that photo booth and share.

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