have a face I cannot show/I make the rules up as I go

Conversation while walking to the bank

why do people die mom?
Well, when we get very old or very sick we can die
old granny is very old right and she is still alive right?
Well, yes this is true, but she will die someday
when you die do you see God?
Well, I think so. I think you see all the people that have died too
I think heaven is like a big party or a discotheque
when you die do you fall to pieces and then swirl up to heaven?
Well, yes sort of Finn
will you and dad die mom?
Well, someday yes, but not for a long time
why do we live if we have to die?
Well, we have our life and it is like a gift
We are on the earth to find our path and follow our happiness
To do our jobs
What is my job on earth mom?
Well, it will change and evolve but right now it is to
shake me and rock me and to ask question after question
and point yr finger at funny things and kiss and run and draw
and giggle and learn and break my heart wide open at least once a day
and teach others and
Goddamn it Finn I love you so much

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