Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself

So when writer Jane Daniels Lear tells me in this month's issue of Gourmet that a Charlotte Mold "is arguably one of the most alluring pieces of culinary equipment in the world." I want one.

I am smitten with it's sweet heart handles and the fancy idea of piping ladyfingers onto baking sheets and really impressing my family and friends this holiday season. I was once at a party with fancy Charlotte de Pommes, but I didn't eat any because well at parties I tend to just drink. But that is neither here nor there.

Um, I really think I just want the fancy pan with heart handles.
Why can't I just admit it.
It's lovely.
It was made for a queen.
I would put fruit in it.
I would use it to carry things to dinner parties.
It would hold my keys on the counter...

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