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My Joe loves the "Carry On" films. He loves them so much he has to own the box package special editions and such. They remind him of home, of his childhood he says.
They are
so British he tells me.
like Monty Python or the queen or HP Sauce
The films were first made in the late 50's and ran through the 80's. They are full of innuendo and parody and sauciness and are really quite hysterical. The Brits pride themselves on their humour (and they spell humor like that)and these cult classics are shining examples of this.

Joe says that Christmas was so marvelous because all the family would sit round and watch all the films on the BBC.(That BBC, I think he loves it more than me... it is like a person- like a real live person how he talks of it. THE BBC!)


I am thinking of scratching one of the items off my list soon by having a "Carry On" party.
I want to invite a few folks over and screen one of the films while having fish and chips or a "Ruby Murray" (cockney for curry) and some Newkie Browns.

I want to watch Joe laugh and laugh with his whole body. I want to hear his accent come through thicker and stronger like it tends to when he drinks beer or is around other Brits.
I want to notice his accent as I daily do not after a decade.
I think it is still warm enough in the evenings to bring the projector outside and have this party! I am off to make another list.
kiss kiss

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pics from the BBC of course