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Monday List- all week Joslyn and I will post lists from Friday's adventure!
Thanks for yr gorgeous list Ann!

31 things before 32

I turn 32 in less than 4 months.

1. Start planning for a move to Germany.
2. Re-do my website.
3. Start gathering ideas for a book I want to write and submit 3 query letters.
4. Get a job.
5. Get a new pair of jeans.
6. Go jogging, several times.
7. Go for a scenic bike ride that includes a picnic lunch break.
8. Declutter my home.
9. Purchase a drawered cabinet.
10. Take more pictures.
11. Re-do my wall decoration.
12. Start taking pictures of my food so I can put them in my food blog.
13. Introduce my food blog to the Internet.
14. Buy some decorative pillows.
15. Spend the night at a hotel on the beach… spend two nights at a hotel on the beach.
16. See a play.
17. Go to a museum.
18. Clean out my car.
19. Plant some kind of vegetable.
20. Organize my home.
21. Buy holiday gifts off of etsy or dawanda (wow, I have to do that soon…)
22. Make some of the recipes from the many cookbooks I have.
23. Research more countries and what’s happening in the world. Not just this country.
24. Look for good master’s programs.
25. Start planning my own business… helping artist and makers get the audience they deserve.
26. Go to the planetarium show.
27. Organize photos, actual and digital.
28. Finish the bathroom and kitchen work… yikes, that’s tough.
29. Rearrange bedroom furniture.
30. Get new curtains for the living room.
31. Laugh every day.

This list could go on and on. But, I’ll stop now. I hope to see yours, but if not, I’ll see what other doobleh-vay & simple lovely readers said.

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