"What we have here is a dreamer. Someone completely out of touch with reality. "

I try and keep this space more about me lately and not so much my business, but dude!
We are in Daily Candy today!


I am so happy yet at the same time in a bittersweet mood as you all must have heard by now of the SAVE HANDMADE nightmare going around the country.
My gorgeous teethers and toys may soon be ILLEGAL.
Read this and catch up.
I urge you to go tell Obama that the CPSIA is not the change want!!!!
Vote today to Save Small Business from the CPSIA HERE:
We need your vote by January 15th (no later than 5pm EST)! NOW NOW NOW.
I promise to stumble yr words, drink with you at Blogher, tell you stories that make you pee yrself, vote for any assortment of contests, and even buy Girl Scout cookies- just help me!
Help the small guy. That's me.
Help yrself. That's you.
You love more than Mattel.
You love thrifting.
It could really all end.

title quote- The Virgin Suicides 1999

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