It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #8

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I love Bex. She inspires me. I like the way she plays. I like her style. She rocks.
I know you will love her too. I asked her to talk about inspiration:

Wow! A request to write about inspiration from someone that inspires us!

We love Amy, & her hubby at 'little alouette'. So much so that they inspired my husband to stab his hand with a box cutter. Pah! Hahahahaha…

I think the first time Amy & I met was over at flickr.

We had both entered a contest about motherhood. She commented on my entry & we've been following each other around pretty much ever since.

(Her photo was awesome by the way. The pirate one I think. Ya know?)

Anyhoo "Inspiration"...

Phew! That's a BIG question isn't it? What inspires us?

We were asked this question in year 10 design, (OH SO many years ago!) & back then, for me it was a matter of anything that was bleak, ornate, dark & macabre.

Approximately 20ish years on, the reverse is true.

I find myself attracted to the pretty, the "plain", the simple.

I think 10 years in Japan has contributed to this enormously, a chance to scratch the surface of life's 'wa'.

The girls of course are a huge part of this need for simplicity, we still want to be surrounded by beautiful things, but now I find the small & seemingly insignificant details can make the simple come alive…& quickly.

I suppose it's all about cutting back, sorting out & slowing down.

OK, that said, let's get on with the good stuff.

If you look at my link & 'blogs I follow' lists you'll come across the people that inspire me everyday.

The first blog I ever read was 'Soule Mama' about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Pops.

I was googling info about water births & there she was in all her Mama glory.

It's amazing to go right back to the beginning of her posts, see the blurry pictures & read the hesitation & uncertainty in her "voice".

She would be my pick for the "Mumma In The Xtreme" awards…

Fashion wise I droooool over 'uniform studio'.

Martha's designs are just bliss & have me swinging from "could I make that?" to "Nup, what's the exchange rate like this week?" Lurrrrrrrve her!

Environmentally? 'Going Crunchy' without a doubt.

Shan has taken the dormant activist that lay quietly inside me & brought her to the fore front of my daily life.

My great friend Lachy can lay claim to that as well. Our lives are a lot greener thanks to them.

People that get me, like my friend Bea. Totally teasing me about my obsession with linen, sticks & string.

Always showing up at my place with a bag of crafty goodies for the girls.

All colour & movement that one. Brilliant.

Play for girls is usually based in the Waldorf/Steiner philosophy & everything about Steiner's view on the world interests me.


Have I waffled on enough? Just go check out the blog. It's all there in the sidebar & the posts.

In the end though, it comes down to family.

They are the reason I get up everyday & the reason behind everything I do.

Two pretty little girls & a tall drink-o-water, hand stabbin' hubby.

Inspirational bliss…XXxx
Thanks Bex! I am so glad you were here today! Bex is a doll! Don't hesitate to chat with her and please go visit her blog! xo