"Love actually is all around us."

Dude. I have a two year old and a four year old.
How did this happen? It seems like just a blink ago I was a free spirit traveling the world searching for something big. I have found it but it is like my big toe tripped some sort of freaky fast forward button on the current of life or something. Time is fast.

We had Blaise a small family birthday party yesterday.
Pancakes and Disco.
It was Finn's idea. Well, truth be told no one even ate any pancakes although my mother brought an amazing array of syrups and such. The weather was a bit wonky right before the party and we were worried family would not be able to come. (snow snow snow)
But everyone made it in time for cake and the Bee Gees.
There is something really relaxing about having a low key family party. I love having big parties and being with all my friends, but it was really special yesterday inside our house. There was mad cousin love and everyone was smiling and everyone danced. It was so warm and comfortable inside and looking out the window at the miserable weather made it even cozier. It was like the house glowed with happiness I am sure to any passerby.

But for the record- if you ask Blaise if he is a big boy or a baby he will still reply "bebe".
And I hope he is still for a little bit.

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