""OK wait. If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of? "

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I embarrass myself at how nostalgic I am. I shrink in horror at the way most anything can elicit wistful feelings in me. I think I was just born this way. I like sappy as much as I like cool. I like that feeling that washes over me when I turn the corner in my mind and go back. And lately going back has made it ever so important to go forward. I have been writing in my mind for weeks, stringing sentences together for my novel right there behind my eyes.
It is time to touch the drain and kick some ass.
Another woefully sentimental movie that I love (na na na boo boo I don't care if it makes me a sap) is "Stealing Home". Jodi Foster and the main character dive into a pool to touch the drain. It is kinda scary to touch the drain in a pool. At least for me. But it is really a good way to wakeyrself up. A good way to prove to yrself that everything is right there really...if you only reach yr hand out a bit more and go those few seconds past yr comfort zone.
Because really, is there anything better than breaking the surface of the water?
Do you have a drain to touch today?

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