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OK so I love this woman. Jessica Okui from Zakka Life is a rockstar. I first found her when I was searching for a craft to do and soon discovered she is one of the most creative and unique crafters out there. She has such passion for her site and it shows! She has awesome tutorials weekly for her readers!!!
I asked her to share a bit with us today.

What Inspires Me
I’ve always loved crafting for the sheer joy it brings me. There’s something very gratifying about placing my time into a craft and having something tangible to show for it. So, here are three things that inspire me to create.

Cover of a Japanese Craft Book

Japanese Craft Books
A few years back I discovered Japanese Craft Books. In many ways they are similar to American craft books yet they have a more fresh delicate style. Every page is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Even the pattern pages are lovely to look at. When I look at these books, I can’t help but be swept away by their humble beauty.

Hair Scrunchies.
Something you might see in a Japanese craft book.

Anthropologie window display

Good Merchandising
I’m constantly inspired by good merchandising and window displays in stores. I love the concept of telling a story through what is basically a large diorama. Every time I look at a window I’m flooded with ideas. I like to dissect the image and look at each piece, the use, and how the pieces come together. Styling by Frieda Maria

Other Artists
Every so often I’ll stumble upon an amazing artist that will just make me want to run to my art supplies and start creating. My most recent favorite would be Frieda Maria. When I look at her work I’m amazed with her unique, delicate style that appears to be so effortless. I feel challenged to be a better crafter/artist when I see work like this.

I love these sites:
Craftzine Blog

Maya Made

La Fuji Mama

La Vie Est Belle


Thank you so much Jessica!!! You inspire me to head to the art store and make more!
I love yr site and I know my readers will too!
***I am just waiting for Martha to snatch her right up and place her on my TV!
Go to her blog today! You will love it!!! xo

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