i get up and nothing gets me down

I am feeling this woman. I found this
via another wonderful woman.
I love the thought of "RE-FRAMING BURN OUT INTO A BEAUTIFUL POSSIBILITY" on Danielle LaPorte's website.

Joe is at the workshop all day and night right now as we finish up a ton of wholesale orders and prep for the season of toys! I miss him. I am giving him a little present each night to show my gratitude, but I am searching for something for me. A slower pace? A space that is small and quiet. I am going at a pretty crazy speed and I have been for about 15 months.

Simple recharging and rest is a great gift I can give myself.
(I am aware- just not really practicing.)

What do you do to recharge?
I am working out most days and trying to eat well. (Have lost 5 lbs)
What else can I do? Essential oils?
I can't meditate. I have tried tons of times. Medicate I can do. Holla! xanax! I wish I had a little love affair with you right now. Meditate. Not so much.
Outsource cleaning the floors? (seriously. This gives me rage. The cleaning of the floors. Why can't they keep the food in their mouths?)
We are so lucky to have family coming in for the holidays this year and I just want to be able to DO what it is that I HAVE to do NOW and still be open and ready to receive the amazing time with the people I love.
I say yes to everything.
I open my mouth and say yes.
I love saying YES.
I love making out with my life.
But feeling toasty (as in burnt right out) ain't grand.
How do you say no?