Well hot and heavy pumpkin pie

Love that up there, but I may just be a hippie inside. You know me and Joe bought some land in the country ten years ago. We will live there someday without shoes.
I found that video on this blog I now stalk.
xo Happy day.

Alabama, Arkansas,
I do love my ma and pa,
Not the way that I do love you.

Holy Moley, me oh my,
You're the apple of my eye,
Girl, I've never loved one like you.

Man oh man, you're my best friend,
I scream it to the nothingness,
There ain't nothing that I need.

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie,
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ,
Ain't nothing please me more than you.

Ahh ... home. Let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you.