But the fighter still remains

I jumped rope today like a boxer.
(I had flashbacks to this mean wretched older boy on the Logan High School varsity track team. I would run by on the track and he would stomp his feet and make sounds like rumbles, like my massive body weight was somehow shaking the track- moving the land. I was a flipping size 12. Whatever. He was unfortunate. He married a really nice girl too. Shocking. I don't think kind things of him even now.He would not have changes I bet)
Anyhoo, I felt like the world might be shaking I was jumping with such insanity. My friend Karen jumped with me and OMG it's a workout. I am sure it won't help me lose weight though, because even with my ridicoulous dedication I have not lost much weight. I probably have some sort of junky thyroid or am one of those people that sleepwalk and eat massive amounts of calories in the deep of the night. I don't know. I am trying to stay positive. I also pulled my back a bit today. Ouch.
But I did jump rope like a boxer for 30 second intervals.
And that was a good thing.