2010 drips off my tounge

It's like the shedding of skin if you let it be.
Fresh and new and full of anything you want.
On this Christmas eve I am fueled with caffeine and optimism.
Some of 2009 sucked donkey balls, but lots was sprinkled with bliss too.
Most years are a mix of the two no matter how idealistic and swoony we wanna groove.
But I love me a January. Don't you?

And 2010 sounds like a crazy nutball if you say it over and over.
Like when I was ten years old that sounded like a time blasted in the future so far from reality.
Like a place where a wicked old version of myself was wedged

I am putting on a very sexy black dress tonight and spending the evening at my sister's house with loads of food and fun. And I won't care that Blaise will ruin my dress in like 30 minutes with some hand print or that Finnian won't go to bed or that Joe will drink so many beers that he just grins and grins. I will just keep it tucked in my head - those thoughts of how lucky we are.

We get to walk the earth and eat ham and drink champagne and make love and stop everything for a couple days and celebrate. We get to believe in higher powers and break ourselves against emotions and cuddle tiny souls and LOOK And GO and DO.
We get to live in the world, but also in our minds and THINK and BE.
And even during the times of the calendar year that are kinda wonky like right now...We get to be here and our blood runs fast and circles around our body and we shine out against air like perfect whispers of NOW.

and then soon there is a whole new year to have
It's pretty damn grand

And if yr reading this right now
yr a part of it all
and me
and I love you

Merry Christmas 2009