"You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details"

All this talk of love and valentines day made me extra eager to spread a little love in my own home. I have had this old mirror for a long time and I decided last night to deface it with a affirmation so that each day when we walk by it we will look and start to believe it a little more. Learning to love or hate yrself comes from a habit place I think. I have always wanted a tiled mosaic ceiling in my bathroom that right above the shower says "good morning sunshine"
I have always thought that might be a lovely habit to the morning.

I try to talk about myself in positive terms around my sons.
It is hard to not scream out that I hate my body sometimes.
It is hard to not call myself fat and wretched, but I think if I let those words creep out and mingle in the air in this house I will have let my sons down.
I am trying to raise these boys in a gentle way.
I am trying to raise these boys to love women.
The reality of women.
I am raising these boys and arming them with love.
I think that at the end of the day my best gift to them will be love.
And how to unleash it to the world...

do you talk about body image to yr kids?
do you think about what you say about yr body?
Tell me things...

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