"You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie."

The lovely Head over Heels tagged me for a fun little thing.
The rules go something like this:
pick the fourth photo in your fourth picture folder.
Then tag some pals.
I was scared as I rarely clean up- you should see the state of my desktop.
When I worked I once left my planner open in a big meeting and my employees later told me my agenda looked like that of a schizophrenic artist.
There is method in my madness though.
Here in this 4th picture I found-Finnian looking out a window.
He is stunning here I think and it reminds me of moving here.
It reminds me of change and growth and soft summer days.

OK- just bc I rarely do these- I TAG:
Arts and Dafts

title post- Sleepless in Seatle 1993

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