It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #11

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Allison Bozeman- Dude. I met this woman in Boulder in January and I fell directly in love with her. She is cooler than cool and she gets to do this all day.
I saw her work in person and it is gorgeous and she is about all of this:
handmade, local, per serving alternative energy, soy, non toxic tree free post consumer plantable, reduce, reuse, upcycle. She is my little Eco Southern belle art goddess.

Get thee to her site !

I asked her to tell us some things that inspire her:

feedsacks : here
this is a small sampling of my Granny's feedsack collection. i thrive on their seemingly endless patterns and the reduce, reuse, recycle spirit that they invoke. women have been getting crafty with these for over a century and they are still here begging us to find more ways to use them!

garden & gun : here
i've said it a bunch lately. i LOVE magazines, the kind with amazing photography and nearly edible pages, it's my guilty pleasure. this one in particular feeds the southern soul inside of me and keeps the roots nurtured while i live my life out west

my friends in crown heights, brooklyn : here
some friends of mine had a big vision, a little grant dough and a serious creative drive. they researched, worked their fingers to the bone and used every ounce of reclaimed and re purposed scrap to create the most amazing sustainable building. i am in awe of what they accomplished. their home is industrial, but still warm. and they fulfilled the dream in their hearts.

What are yr five top blogs/shops/etc on web?