"That's because my life is as good as an ABBA song."

In college me and my girlfriends (we are still to this day called the Alcovians if you care to know bc we met in the Alcove area of Jefferson hall as it was the designated smoking section) would play this game called questions.
(I am not saying we made this up or it is even novel- but I did make up the WOULD YOU RATHER game - screw you everyone else- I made it up)

The game is simple. We would all take a few slips of paper and write questions and then we would all toss them into the hat and drink excessively and take turns pulling questions while the circle glowed with candles and we all cried sometimes.
I did like this. I do still like this now at a dinner party. I am away with some of these girls for a Florida getaway soon and you know I will be pulling out the questions game.
I will be interested to see the way life has no doubt made some of the questions once posed irrelevant. I see already that the laughs and tears will come from entirely different places nowadays. Isn't getting older so very screwed up? Why can't we age backwards?

I also will reach down deep and pull from the bowels of the early 90's the game I invented:

Would you rather sleep with Jen's dad or drink the pedicure tub of ten centenarians?

Would you rather be chained to a boulder and have a massive bird come and tear out yr innards or be woken up each morning to a small troll with pus filled sores poking yr butt with a fire hot poker?

Would you rather have a Curtis Mayfield song emit from yr underwear each time yr horny or have a small booger showing in yr nose for life?

Would you rather projectile vomit or crap yr pants once a month at random?

Yeah- it is gonna be fun times in Florida.

title post- Muriel's Wedding 1994