It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #13

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Erin Loechner is a creative powerhouse.

I love her. She has the coolest of the cool website Design for Mankind.

It is a place of inspiration and beauty where she tracks fresh art and is the touchstone for all things design. Her magazine is swoon worthy and wonderful too! Have you checked it out? GO HERE! much as I like what she does, I like Ms. Erin even better.
She is so down to earth and accessible.
She responds to her community through email and comments- she is really there for her readers and it makes all the difference.
She is a dolly! I could just eat her up!

Here is what she had to say:

three things that inspire me:
1. thunderstorms
2. positivity
3. coffee

links to some of my favorite photos:
1. *********
2. ********
3. ********

I asked the darling to describe a typical day for me:

"To be honest, I spend the majority of my day sleeping. I'm a night owl to the core, so I like to work until 3am-ish and then sleep until noon. It's a glorious life--- but not so glorious when I have a mid-morning commitment.

After I wake up [this takes a loooooooong time!], I check my emails and respond to comments, then I check my feed reader for my daily dose of inspiring sites [I have 382 on my reader! Craziness!].

Then I like to take a break and play with my dogs or make a peanut butter sandwich [I'm pretty low maintenance in the food department, as I like pretty much anything that comes from a jar, bag or can]. Then it's back to blogging! I generally hop on a BAKERY conference call at some point in the evening, design a few spreads for the mag, log a bit of footage for Dialogue, and then eat some dinner that my husband kindly prepares for me [I'm spoiled rotten by this man].

Then, I take a "break" and watch TV with the husband while chit-chatting about our days in between sourcing inspiration for tomorrow's posts. I pass out on the couch at some point, drag myself to brush my teeth and then do it all over again the next day!"

a few of my fave web places:
Right here
Ruby Mag

Thanks dear Erin! We love you and yr website and coolness!
Check her out people! She is a star!

She says:
“Because beauty lies in the details of design. In the pencil shavings, in the blueberry waffles. The vintage dress, framed portrait, old postcard.”

p.s. #13 on Friday the 13th. How cool! Would anyone like to design a new Friday I'm in love button for me? I would love to try a new season one? Let us know! xoxoxoxo