It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #15

Follow the Bliss...

Angela is amazing. I love her.
Her blog was one of the first I read when I jumped into the blogosphere.
She is funny, smart, witty, and super talented.
When I met her at blogher last summer I wanted to wrap my arms around her and kiss her for all the times she mad me laugh and smile.
I did not do that. I kinda just said, "hi" as I know I kinda overwhelm folks that are not like me. (like me would be a massive hugger, kisser, ENFP to the tenth power, people scarer).
She better watch out this year though. I might just not have the restraint.
Fluid Pudding is awesome. If you don't know her- you must.

Three Things that Inspire Me (No! Four things!):

1. People who walk around with a sketchpad in hand. Seriously. If I'm sitting somewhere and the person at the next table is doing something like this, I can't help but smile for the rest of the day.
2. People who turn a potentially sucky situation (like insomnia) into something creative and lovely.
3. Listening to This American Life in the middle of the night.
4. Crocheted Fighters!

Favorite Shops:
Woolly Boully Etsy Shop
Secret Agent Josephine's Etsy Shop
Sock Zombie Etsy Shop!
(By the way, I love Harper the Hippo!)

Favorite Blogs:
Although I visit an embarrassing number of blogs, I always tend to go back to the first three I ever read.
1. Loobylu
2. Que Sera Sera
3. Mimi Smartypants

And I love her for this.
Yahoo for fun people who are on this earth!
Have a great day
kiss kiss