It's FRIDAY I'n in LOVE/Inspire Me Series #17

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I want you to meet Alyssa from the ADORABLE Handmade Jig .
I met her last year when she made me gorgeous gorgeous calling cards! I really like her and she makes cool stuff!!!!!
I know Mother's Day is coming! Tell yr peeps you want calling cards. They rock! JIG rocks!
Jig makes AWESOME gifts for babies and wee ones- like cool onesies and rocking personalized tee's.

1. Miroslav Sasek books (This is ...) : I pull a lot of my color combos from them ... they are so amazing!
2. Children playing in the park : I always want to capture that unbridled excitement and bottle it up - - EVERY adult needs a little sip of that ... to remind them how fun the simple things in life are.
3. Fresh flowers : yum (need I say more?)

clothes : jcrew {}

bags : kate spade {}

toys : the land of nod {}

furniture : (in my dreams) jayson home & garden - a local chicago shop {} (in my reality) {}

blogs : too many to name, I'm fully a blog stalker
sites : get ready to have your mind blown - - HERE
I spend WAY too many hours here, and etsy of course!

Thanks Alyssa!
Thanks for turning me onto calling cards.
I do love having them as I often meet other mothers in my daily life and I JUST wanna be pals with them- I don't care to make them know I am a blogger or a small biz owner. I don't always want to shove "work" cards at them. I just want them to play with me at the park or drink beers at the pub at first. Ya know? And anyhoo...I love her work! People always fawn all over my super cute cards!!! xoxo