""Son, you've got a panty on your head"

This guy was using a leaf blower today across the street at the church. It is like a back pack. I never knew. I am lost in the world sometimes. I know so much but so very little.
I actually only discovered yesterday that there were still some robots on Mars.
I played it off all nonchalant and shit to Finn. I was all calm and then I freaked out in the bathroom a little. The mars robots are still there? God I am self absorbed.
I wish they made leaf blowers that would suck the meanness off of folks and blow the gentle back in. I wish I had one and I would walk around with it on, perhaps paint it a sparkle purple and help the world bc there is just too much grump around.
There is too much of it and it drips on me sometimes and rubs off in the passing of coins and the bumping of shoulders.
I cannot believe the robots are still up there.
I wonder what they are finding.
I am going to attempt to pack for my girls trip to Florida that happens in just a week.
I am so pissed bc I can't find my tankini bottoms.
I am sure this has to do with the fact that one day a few weeks ago I ran out of underwear and had to wear them all day.
Who does this?

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