Until the last drop of sun burns its sweet light/Plenty revolutions left until we get this thing right

last year this week- a good one though...we are doing it again

We made a pendulum paint machine today. That is what Finn named it. He actually named it a pen-din-din swing machine. Anyhoo, we experimented with tying several paint bottles and other bits from the recycling bin filled with paint upside down under a tree branch with twine and letting em swing!!! We had a blast with our trial and error art lesson. It was a bit of expansion from the Pollock lesson- more "out there" art. We found that water and paint mixed in a milk jug works well but can be very messy. We don't like soda bottles, but we like paint bottles! We used some of dad's old paint canvas and then some kraft paper. I think these would make excellent wrapping paper for upcoming birthdays! I might even use it to wrap some of these in for the etsy shop.

We didn't go into much science with the lesson- more fun that anything...but for older kids you could talk about pendulums and science. I recall going to a science center each year with my school and they had a giant Foucault Pendulum and it was mesmerizing. It was in the main lobby and sometimes I would wish to not even go into the building, to just stay and watch it swing. To just stand and organically learn Newtons 1st law of motion. To open my eyes wide at the thought of rotation. I would love to see that exhibit again.