"we are simply passing through history. This, this *is* history. "

It was the time. Mama and boys French bakery summer planning session.
I still revert to type when it comes to the fall or summer as years of following the school calender imprints some sort of frantic lust to organize and plot ideas and plans on paper. I love it really. We are less strict in theory than last year as we are busier than that year. It is crazy how much has happened in one year with our little business.
But- we still have a summer to tackle. And as gran says, "It will be here before you now it girl."

A summer that is the last summer for Finn really before he hits the world running and becomes a school aged boy. I swear as I type this thought- melancholy music explodes between my ears and Don Henley tries to kiss me and sing to me in my mind.

It is all kinds of screwed up thinking he will go to school in months. But he is still free to the world until September and he will dictate this summer again. He wants to study Space, England, and music. I hope to do this too as she makes it look simple and fun. I am excited about the summer.

I told him I can take him to a concert (how exciting- we must find a good one!)
and to England for our holiday this summer for field trips.
He is thrilled with field trips.
He is still thinking we could build a rocket or rent one for travel to Mars.
See. He still believes anything.

It's the most precious time I ever did watch anyone live.

title post- Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981