Like my own personal Gibraltar

It was amazing. I miss this space when I am gone.
My holiday was great!
I drank in the day and looked directly into the eyes of the women I have been fortunate enough to love for such a long long time.
These women are some of the finest- like solid rocks.
Like my own personal
I walked the beaches and ate oysters and slept for long stretches at a time.
I went from point A to point B without distraction if I wanted.
A really cool thing happened at home too! THIS.

But...when I came home it was all even so much better than a delicious weekend of bonding.
Blaise can say "cheeseburger" as he was no doubt taken to numerous fast food eateries while I was away. be barr ber (cheeseburger)
Finn has a wash of sun across his nose and his hair lightened more over the sunny weekend.
I bought him a ukulele and he looks like Jack Johnson in the backyard playing it now.

Joe looked devastating handsome when he came to gather me.
They all held out their hands.
There is nothing in the world like being missed.

pic via flickr