"Remember my sentimental friend, you will be judged not by how much you love, but by how much you are loved."

Emily Jenkins gets it.
I love her book:
"Love You When You Whine"
Sergio Ruzzier makes it gorgeous and Emily writes it real.
It makes me happy to think others are in the same place.

Like the place yesterday when I had the boys with me while dropping of orders to Whole Foods and Blaise screamed NO MOMMY over and over and over the whole damn time and Finn traveled between abusive older brother and eccentric child chanter of COOKIE COOKIE as I tried to talk shop to the buyer.
I felt like a big loser in the arena of hip mama.

But, I loved them so much afterwards.
We sat in the cafe and ate Skyr (holy shit it is my favorite thing right now!)
and they sang to me sweet songs and they seduced me with their toothy grins and I forgot that they had made life difficult. Man- I think they learned that from me.

Anyhoo...This is our favorite book this week.
What's yrs?

title post- Wizard of Oz 1939

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