Dip yr eggs in some beets- Go Green for Easter.

Easter eggs, originally uploaded by ( Torsten ).

If you wanna be all hip and green for Easter go with natural dyes.
(Skip the healthy sounding natural organic food coloring. It is pricey and gross. My friend Angie told me about it and it is true. Gross.)
I like beets, blueberries, paprika, turmeric, and others.
Just add 2 cups of water and a dash of white vinegar to the natural foods you choose and boil. Submerge the eggs for about 40 minutes or longer. Pretty. Natural. And takes longer than a paz kit. I like things that stretch out activities. I like to hold my little ones awe for as long as possible.

(I use about a cup of the natural foods and 2 tbs of the spices)