It's FRIDAY I'n in LOVE/Inspire Me Series #18

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Meredith Winn is someone I love to read. I love to look at her images. I have absolutely no idea how I found her. But I did- right around the time I started blogging and she has been with me ever since. She's a writer and a photographer and someone I would very much like to add to my imaginary perfect playgroup that meets on Tuesday mornings at a coffeehouse that has Eco friendly toys and vodka.
I know you will love her. I do.

Three things that inspire me:
1. hot chai
2. good tunes
3. garden walks

Where I go for inspiration:
1. shuttersisters
2. soulemama
3. writers almanac

it's okay to stop juggling. to let the balls drop from mid-air.
they'll bounce and scatter and possibly roll away under the couch.
they'll be hard to reach with the dust bunnies and stale cheerios; but
let them go.

if only i can remember to slow down, if only, if only. that seems to
be my mantra. when my arms get sore from juggling i grab my camera.
it's my addiction, my craving, my need for the fifteen minute break
from work. it's not a smoke, it's shutter and aperture. it's an itch
that won't go away until i can find something small to fill my heart
and eye. only then am i satisfied. only then do i feel fulfilled and

my muse sits on her windowsill waiting for me to find a pen and scrap
of paper to dutifully take notes. she taps her foot in boredom but
she's patient. she sees the affair, hoping i am loyal to the written
word, she knows i'm just needing some space to stretch and grow into
my own right now.

writing is my commitment. but photography is my new lover. all curves
and light, butterflies in my belly. it's my magnifying lens for this
world. if you get small enough behind the lens and lose yourself in
the petals of a flower, or the way the sun catches pools of light in a
child's eye; you will never doubt that the world is a beautiful place
full of mystery. that's what i tell myself anyway, because that's what
give me hope. and i can see it no other way.

Thanks Meredith! xo

Check out her flickr stream today! camerashymomma