Oh Mossimo I wrap my arms around you

Target dresses pretty much rock for me.
I only have problems when I forget my own body and pretend I may be someone else.
(Note to self- you are not tiny gorgeous woman like Shim and Sons Sally!-That frock purchased last year is now a house frock for sure)
I like picking out a few summer dresses from Target bc they are cheap and usually wash and wear which make for good travel. My girl Jos agrees with me I see.
I like nicer dresses and I certainly don't want an entire target wardrobe- but I am crushing on my new dress that My friend Michelle (follow her on twitter bc she may rock out a fashion blog soon) made me wear in Florida a couple weeks back.
It was again one of those moments in fashion that you just try- you just listen to yr friends.
I was certain that this style would not suit me.
I guess I was wrong.
My 70's glasses and uber messy hair rocked the neighborhood all day long and some days you just can't help but be cool...
xoxoxo Have a day that you want to remember not to ever forget. It's Joe's birthday and he is so happy. He thought all year he was 37. Nope. Today he is 37. Rock.