goody goody gum drops

I sat on my stairs today eating fruit and sweating from my mother of the year award winning day. I walked these kids all over the town on adventures in 90 degree weather. We played hard. All this after I subjected myself to the city pool for them last night.
Hello swimming with little ones is not a relaxing time.
I guess I have many more years before I can be the moms I want to be- those happy women over by the picnic tables- lounging in teak chaise chairs- laughing- heads back smiling as their older children frolic. Their kids will not drown. They will sit there relaxing with novels and caftans and brown taut skin.

I rolled around the kiddy pool like a freak.

So I sat in my underwear today on the stairs and ate fruit and stared at the beautiful beautiful mobile from Fraizer and Wing.
I won it on Creature Comforts as Ez and Summer had teamed up for a fantastic giveaway.
Holy crap I won! I am pretty darn charmed.

I called Heather to thank her today and was completely smitten with her.
I told her how I had always wanted one of her mobiles- but it was on that list of things for me that never get bought because- well you know. I just don't splurge on me like I once did.

Anyhoo. If it is on yr list. Buy it today. It has made for lovely looking!